Well...Here it is! Just a quick post to share as my first step. Looking forward to seeing what this number looks like in 30 days, Friday February 21st will be the day...Its going to be really hard not to keep checking but I will do my best!. 

Josh has been AMAZING!! prepping food so we are actually eating, I am feeling a little overwhelmed right now just trying to get fully organized, but we got a few more ingredients to work with today so I am going to attempt to create a meal and keep my fingers crossed I do it justice. 

I have posted the smoothie of the day, and named yesterdays "The Iguana" no name for the one posted today so any suggestions are welcome :) 

Tomorrow will be a big day for the blog as I will be posting my second video and before pics and of course another smoothie of the day. We got some coconut milk today so I am thinking of adding that in...I will also be posting a couple recipes tomorrow and depending on how tonight's meal turns out I may post that as well.

All in all I am feeling challenged and really,really wanting sweet stuff other than fruit...Josh is craving bread more than he expected he would and we both have headaches. As much as all those things suck, it tells us that this process is working sooo GO US!...Stay tuned and thanks for the continued support

1/22/2014 05:25:41 am

positive vibes your way! Good luck!!

1/22/2014 05:33:10 am

You'll get through those cravings a lot sooner than you think. The first couple days are harder than the rest.
You're amazing! Keep it up.
I've got to get before pics up, but out of everything that terrifies me.


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