Hey guys, so I mentioned at the start of this that I would be posting something every day, but as you can tell I've been slacking :s That being said I am here now, so how about an update!...

SO, we have had some harder days, struggling lots and I can tell its really wearing on Josh. He is still doing fantastic but the struggle is there for him and its showing a lot in his general demeanor. He's a trooper though and we will get through it, he is still as dedicated as ever! 

I am still struggling with the same things and the sweets missing from this whole process are staring to get a bit worse too. Last night we went to my parents for a visit and were invited fr dinner.They have been very supportive through the process so when dinner time came my step mother tried to make something appropriate for us but did not realize the sauce used was not one we could have so we just ate the spaghetti squash by itself and also had some salad on the side. they were also having meat pie and the thought of grabbing a piece was very prominent in my head...even when we left I was still wanting a piece...
 when we got home, I had to finish the recipe I had going which was the meatloaf cupcakes with sweet potato topping ( which needs to be perfected still before I post) the sweet potato mashed potatoes turned out SO amazing!!! I was so happy to make this discovery and was able to make enough for the baby to have through the week. Her little face lit up when I let her taste them, which is always a good sign. 

I have been really proud of myself for not cheating through this process, but will admit to not following the rules slightly as I did weigh myself yesterday and I am supposed to wait until the end. I have promised myself to not do it again until the date posted....The bad news, I broke a rule, the good new I have lost 5lbs.  Considering I have been stuck at the 230lbs number for the last 9 months, that 5lbs lost will be what fuels me through the next few weeks without looking at the scale, I now have the knowledge that wha I am doing is working and that sticks in my mind to help me keep going.

Tomorrow I will be heading out to meet with some ladies and some babies...I will be putting this will power to use with all the temptations at the mall so I will have to pack some snacks and really keep myself in check.

All in all my energy is going up and doing this 30 day shred is also helping (even if I am still on level 1) I feel like I am still in a good place and figuring it all out 1 day at a time. I have also been checking out some other blogs and really hope you guys won't mind me taking a page from your blogs...I really like the inspiration pages so I think I am going to add one on myself. 

You are all doing wonderful and are on track to being the best YOU, you can be so keep it up!!


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