Hi everyone,                                                                                                                                                  #1

So here it is as promised, I will admit to you all that this is all very new to me and I can't promise the first few posts will be super fantastic in the technical sense, but I promise it will all get better as time goes on. 

That being said, once I do get this figured out I will have everything organized so you all will be able to follow along much better. I will be including links to my 2 videos a week and also linking under my videos to direct you all here in case you get there first. 

I will post my thoughts, my progress, my routine and my meal tracking. I will have categories to follow along as well...Successful recipes we have tried,before pics and weigh in's, Daily exercise routines and family friendly activities as well as some other cool ideas, like maybe a smoothie of the day feature and some weekly challenges inspired by your suggestions :)  

I mentioned in my first video that there are pros and cons to staying home and and getting in a funk or "sitting on it" as I mentioned. I feel like if I am here and I have made our meals ahead and done my daily regime then putting my down time energy  into these video's and Blogs serves a purpose and it feeds my motivation for further success.  

In my next video, I will go through the process of the whole30 program so it makes a little more sense. I realized after seeing my first video that I was kind of all over the place and really did not do my explanation justice . 

Lastly, I want to Thank all of you following along, sending words of encouragement and support. It means so much to have the well wishes and positive comments coming from all over...I am so excited ( and a little scared) to get started. I have to send a shout out to the ladies I am working along side with because though this Blog tracks my journey,there are a few ladies and gentleman going through their own right now and I am so happy we are able to motivate each other through this process...everyone's journey is different and the support of a friend and the ability to truly relate to one another and combine the will power it takes to reach our goals really makes the personal journey that much more successful!. To new beginnings! 


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