Hey guys, I am not going to go to in depth with any sort of description because honestly there is no need with the length of my video. I am so,so sorry for the length :( I really have to work things out to keep them shorter...I will get better at all of this...minimal amount of time and maximum amount of info to cram in there plus me jabbering away makes for frustrating views and I don`t want that so again I am sorry and I hope this video covers enough ground. Next video will be up Monday. 
P.s -Sorry it was put up so late! I know I said Thursday it would be up but lets just say its been a long day! 

1/24/2014 12:05:33 pm

Why are you sorry? It's your video, make it as long as you want! I watched it! :)

1/27/2014 12:21:29 am

You're more than welcome to link the videos :)
I'm seriously considering a blog.. I think I could ramble a lit better through typed word sometimes :p
♥ the videos! And don't worry about the length.
You're doing awesome, and Josh sounds like a great partner through this for you! You got this girl :)


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